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Episode 2 - Heart Overwhelmed

Are you overwhelmed? Faithful is He that has called.
Talking about one's heart being overwhelmed, I think a pastor's wife will experience more of that.
Maybe more than the common woman and wife.
The pastor's call or invitation is that of consecration and a life of obedience.
As we all know that consecration and obedience are two words that go with sacrifice.
Sacrifice we know, is not an easy meat.
And if the pastor is called to life of sacrifice, guess who sacrifices along with him, his wife.
There is a constant feeling of being overwhelmed, both by the pressure of dealing with people, constant struggle to please the God, the rigours of divine directions, financial pressures, and the pressure to live a life of consecration.
Example, Saturday which is known for outings and functions, are for pastors, a day to prepare, pray and tie all loose ends of the sermon.
For me, my husband has always being a full time pastor (I was also on full time in the first ten years of our marriage).
In those days, there were pressures.
But all in all, God is ever faithful. God is so good.
When you trust Him and you are truly consecrated to doing His will, He will always come through for you.
He will never leave His own. We have several testimonies of His goodness. Maybe I will share them some day.

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This Piece Is Authored By

Pastor Sophia Okunowo

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