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Episode 7 - Be A God Seeker

For a pastor's wife to have the capacity of fulfilling her role as a pastors wife, she must derive her strength from God.
Her source of strength must flow from God. There would be times when the one who is supposed to strengthen needs strength. It is at such times that the pastor's wife needs to learn to draw strength from God.
There will sure be many discouraging times. Times that it looks like your prayers are not being answered.
Times of difficulties. The pastor as well as the pastor's wife needs to go through their own wilderness experience. This is usually because of the glory ahead.
They both need to be prepared for the glory that lies ahead. To be baked in the furnace of fire to bring out the gold in them.
Just as the pastor is going through his own furnace of refinery the wife too has her own particular furnace prepared.
To sit in the place of glory requires certain type of preparation, only to be determined by God.
What will make the pastors wife go through this times without caving in is her ability to be a God seeker, a God lover. A person whose heart hungers and thirsts for God.
A person who truly trusts God and loves him.
God takes her by the hand during the rough times and shows her that He is the Jehovah Shammah. In these times, God shows up and shows forth Himself as the great I AM.
It is these experiences gotten in the secret place that becomes tools to minister to others.
I want to encourage you today to be a God seeker and a God chaser.

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This Piece Is Authored By

Pastor Sophia Okunowo

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