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Episode 4 - The Man And The Man Of God

This is one lesson every wife that is married or engaged to a servant of God has to learn. I said servant of God because they do or are supposed to do just what God tells them to do.
You are married to the man first before he is the man of God. And he switches roles and functions as occasion permits.
When I first got engaged, my fiance then was given to a lot of gifts of the spirit. One day we were eating and our lunch was interrupted because he sensed the Holy spirit and we have to go into worship.
Every man of God has the human part. The flesh, the part of us that makes us relevant here on earth. You must know how to relate with the man.
The man of God is the man under the influence of the Holy spirit, under the anointing. The man in his office and under the unction. The man is just that normal bobo you got married to.
Sometimes we are at home, my husband will say, 'Now I speak as by the Spirit, and one has to be sensitive
You must learn to always differentiate between the two. Be on the look out or be more so be sensitive and remain sensitive. He changes roles so often that he may not even be aware of it.
Be patient with him. He may not always make sense. Be willing to go the full length of the journey with him.
It begins by grooming yourself to be sensitive to God and his Holy Spirit. Don't forget your preparation starts today by reading and meditating on God's word.

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This Piece Is Authored By

Pastor Sophia Okunowo

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