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Episode 5 - Living A Life Of Sacrifice

I remembered when Kisses and Huggs Club just started, those times we were in Lagos for a period of two years.
We just left the church we were working with and came to Lagos. Every thing looked bleak. We knew God has not forsaken us even though it looked like that.
Global Harvest Church was where we worshipped then, and it was home for us in many ways.
Those were days of seeking God for direction. We prayed all manners of prayers.
God wanted us to start our blog online. My husband didn't know any thing about how to design a website, but in seventy two hours, the Holy spirit taught him how to. He could design all manner of websites. This was divine and supernatural.
Those were days of huge sacrifices. He had developed the KHC site and was writing devotionals. With no feed backs, he kept on writing. And the little we had to eat, he would often use part of it to buy data!
I eventually got a very good job by the divine hands of the God's Mercy. But the sacrifices increased as the site improved and got bigger.
My husband seems insatiable. He was always improving and adding one thing or another. I would ask silently, 'Doesn't he ever get tired?'
If your husband is ever going to succeed in his call, you have to learn to live a life of sacrifice. You may ask, Is this sacrifice going to end? As I sometimes ask myself. Well, I have come to understand that it will not end.
There will always be things to be done for the kingdom that requires your sacrifice. Will God meet your needs? Oh yes. Wonderfully well, he will meet your needs and surpass them.
Let your heart be right. Stay with God and He will meet you at the point of your needs.

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This Piece Is Authored By

Pastor Sophia Okunowo

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