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Episode 3 - Facing The Crowd

The Pastor's calling or any body called into the five fold ministry of a Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist , Prophet and Apostle is a call that involves people.
Essentially the call is a call to serve people. You are a public figure. And if you don't like being involved with people you have to ask God specially for Grace.
I am a private person coming from a private family. My family was so conservative that we never went to any aunties or uncles' house for holidays. My mum's siblings were abroad except for her junior sister.
My dad didn't have any close sibling because he was an only child and an orphan. He had a very close cousin (they called themselves "paddi"). But they lived in the same town. He had just one son who was much older than us.
So growing up, it was just us living together with our parents. My mum came to pick us after school every day while my dad came home every day by around 5:00pm because he was a civil servant.
So getting married to a Pastor with lots of people staying with us really took the grace of God. The grace to cope and handle different people came from God.
Your life becomes an offering literally. Your husbands belongs to all. You can't have him all to yourself. All eyes are on you. Your kids are on the spot light.
But I guess what gave me a soft landing was that we were firstly an associate pastor before becoming senior pastors.
This helped to cope with the rigours of being a pastor's wife.
Just know that whether you are to be a senior pastor's wife or an associate pastor's wife, all you need is God's grace.

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This Piece Is Authored By

Pastor Sophia Okunowo

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