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Five Ways To Treat Your Children With Respect

Children are sure a part of the family. They are the products of marriage and so we cannot ignore their importance. A marriage can not be considered totally good if the children are not doing well. A marriage is good when all aspects of it is good, the finances, health, spiritual, emotional, academic, social and physical aspects of father, mother and the children are good.
Some couples make the mistake of focusing on themselves alone at the expense of the children. They talk with themselves, resolve their differences, read books on marriage, attend seminars on marriage but pay little attention to the proper emotional and spiritual development of the children. This is not the best. The children must occupy a vital place too. There must be adequate attention and focus on them too.
Other couples conclude the main reason for the marriage is the children and that they have a divine mandate to make sure the children turn out best. So, they focus on the children, work hard to give them the best education and ensure they have no lack but pay little attention on their spouse. This also is not the best.
Another category of couple will pay more attention to their jobs or careers, pay attention on their marriage but the children will have to manage with the little time and attention remaining.
This particularly happens to people with demanding jobs like doctors, engineers, pastors, pilots etc. This jobs, truth be told are very demanding and needs high level concentration especially since saving lives is involved. But the truth is that we cannot save the whole world and lose our children in the process or give them less than they deserve.
Balance is the key and the Lord will help us because it could be overwhelming. As we depend on the Holy Spirit He will teach us the balance and the right principles we need for our children to enjoy the best.
Here are five ways to respect our children. This will definitely help to boost their esteem and help them turn out good and responsible adults.
1. Listen to them
Children, like women are highly emotional. They are relational. They love to talk, enjoy their parents' company, express their fears, challenges, thoughts, aspiration and joys. They want to develop trust so they can talk about everything in their lives. It is only when parents learn to give a listening ear that the children develop trust to talk more. Don’t wait till they are older start practicing listening to them now.
2. Talk to them with respect
Your children are individuals with their own unique abilities, emotions, intelligence and temperament. We don’t treat them like they don’t have a choice but we treat them as though we want to influence them for the best.
2. Mirror to them who you want them to be
Children learn most of the time by observation. Children do what they see their parents do. So, if you want them responsible, calm and quiet, teach them the principles but also show them how by doing it yourself.
3. Pray for them and pray with them.
The spiritual health of your children is very important and should not be jeopardized for anything. Lead your children to God. Let your first and most important spiritual assignment be to your children before it is to the world around you.
4. Create time for them.
Just like love means time and attention. Your children also needs your time and attention. Let them know you are busy, seek their permission if you need more time to focus on your demanding career, but don’t enforce or force them to accept that you are busy. Giving them the needed attention and time is their right, just like a wife’s right is to have her husband attention and time and vice versa.
All these are so important because when our children are well developed emotionally and spiritually, they become good individuals who will become better spouses later and raise better children and in that way we will raise a better generation.
God bless your marriage.

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I will take care of my children 


Lord, take care of my children  


3Jn 1:4 (KJV)  I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.


Pray for your children today 



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This Piece Is Authored By

Pastor Sophia Okunowo

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