How It All Began - Episode 1

“Knock!” “its 4:30 wake up and start getting prepared so you won’t miss your flight.” My father’s voice called outside my room when he knocked. He had his own unique way of knocking peculiar to just him alone. Slowly I dragged myself up from the bed. As I sat up, I looked at the time, it was 4:35am and I smiled. It was October 15, the long awaited day. My flight was 6:50am and my house to the airport was less than an hour but for the traffic that usually made it longer, check in time closed at 6:30.

Therefore, I had to be at the airport and checked in before 6:20 at most. I had slept barely 20mins before my father woke me. I wished I slept longer than that but I had to wake up. The Jos cold was just too sweet for me to be awake that early.

My name is Aderinmola Adeyosola (Not real name), I’m in my late twenties, I am the only child of my parents. I am 5ft 3inches tall, fair in complexion with a perfect figure 8 shape. I’m friendly, playful and wild in my imagination. To a large extent I’m adventurous in a quiet way, generally I’m reserved, I could be quiet but I’m gentle. The story I’m about to share with you happened a few years back when I was quite young and Naive.

I had been numbering my days since 8th October when I went to school to collect my call-up letter for my NYSC. WOW! Finally, I was going to serve. Since graduation in July, it’d felt like years staying at home. The two months had felt like ten years! I had a lot of catching up to do. Four years in the University, away from home was enough to make me domestically lazy. Even during holidays I had one thing or the other to do so I never really stayed at home with my parents. I always had one training or the other to go for. So when I finally graduated, I wanted to continue the tradition but my mother said “NO!” It was then I realised that my days of ‘truancy’ were over and I had to learn how to be a good home maker. I had no choice but to obey.

I was posted to Lagos and I was quite excited about that. As I walked through the College Building and fantasied about my ‘would – be’ adventure in Lagos, I suddenly came back to reality no thanks to the abrupt interruption.

“Hi, Derin,” My roommate called out, “Hello Annabel, where were you posted?” “Zamfara”
You don’t say?! Sharia State?”
“Yes dear, don’t worry, I will survive” “yeah baby”

“And you? Where were you posted?”
“Really? The “No man’s” city!”
“Yeah, I’m really going to explore mehn!”
“This girl ehn! Na God go help you, no go turn bad girl there o! you that have been looking for an excuse to go far away from home.”

“Omo! This land don tire me! Finally, I will be out of my parents’ over protection! Derin, beware of bad boys O! Derin Boko Haram is kidnapping o! Derin this, Derin that, Derin, Deriin De-rin! At least, now, I’ll just be a phone call a-waaayyy…” I said as I laughed.
“Hmmmm! Derin, just be careful sha…”

“Thank you Annabel,” Just then, I spotted Annabel’s Michael Kors Purse. It looked new and recently acquired.
“Wow! Babe, no be MK be that?”
“Na da, I’m not giving you this one, you will strip me of all my designers o”

“Haba, chill na, wait o, is that not Sean?” as Annabel turned to see if it was her boyfriend, I snatched the purse and ran away.
“Hey, Derin, lai lai, not this one” She said as she ran after me as I laughed and ran into the College Building…

To be continued…

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