How To Be Extraordinary

Have you ever noticed how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things throughout the bible and even in our present lives? We see God Himself coming into the world through an ordinary family headed by a carpenter and using ordinary men like fisher men and tax collectors to change the world. Why was this? Simple, it was because these seemingly uneducated men understood that real impact was not about the number of degrees one held or the number of offices one occupied. They understood that real impact could only be achieved by obedience to God and His Spirit that abides in us.


Who would have thought that uneducated fishermen would do great and mighty things that would be spoken about from generation to generation? This is what living life God’s way can do. God can use ordinary you too if you give Him the chance.

So, I bring to you a song by Cobahms that speaks about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. If you want to do extraordinary things in your generation, stick with God and do things God’s way.




[Verse 1]

A child in the distance

 Playing in the rain

The sweet sound of water

Flowing away

Construction worker

Coming home from work

The parents and their children going to church

Happy little baby drools on your shirt

One extraordinary day



Let us have a world of ordinary people

Living life the way God wants us to

And if we have a world of ordinary people

Extraordinary things will happen through me and you


[verse 2]

Ordinary Abraham He was just a man

But he'ld kill His son For the price of a lamb

And let us consider Ordinary Job

Who lost it all But in God had his hope

 Ordinary David The little shepherd boy

Brought down Goliath with a stone and a toy

Sweet little Jesus Ordinary child

The carpenter's first son Humble and mild

If anybody told you He would be Messiah

You probably would laugh it off I kno-o-ow




Every little baby has the power to be great

And every tall tree grew up from some mustard seed

No ordinary children going off the war

Cos no single leader is worth dying for

No ordinary mother will cry herself to sleep

Cos no ordinary father will come home after three



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