Episode 2 - I Wanted To Be A Reverend Sister

Hello Diary,
Marriage has been what I'd fantasized about since childhood. And it's not my fault; my parents love themselves to a fault and that made me at some point to think every home was like ours.
They ate together, slept together, worked together, discussed and even raised us together. They don't fight, they don't quarrel, they hardly travel apart too.
But I was wrong; I grew up and the innocence of childhood flew. I saw other homes; husbands beating their wives, wives cheating on their husbands, children living apart, broken homes, orphans...and then; my mentality about marriage begin to change...
I started considering being a "Reverend Sister"
I remember I once told a friend of mine that I might not even marry, she laughed at me and asked why...I told her I don't want a broken home and getting a good man in this our century is rare!
Little did I know that I have to be a good person myself; little did I know that I have to be right to attract the right man; little did I know that somewhere somehow, God is preparing me for this great future, and the future is here!
Let's do this again tomorrow...
I love you Diary!
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