Episode 6 - No Wedding Cake At My Wedding Reception!

Dear Diary,
It's the 2nd day in the year, And this year has started speeding again like a Jumbo Jet. When did we shout "Happy New Year" na? We might just be ending this year in few weeks' time with the way this thing is going... anyways, let's just do our thing while it lasts!
If you remember, I was gisting you about stuffs I did uniquely during my wedding, I've told you about the Book and my wedding gown; today I'll be telling you about some other thing I did.
We didn't cut a wedding cake at my wedding reception!
Not that we can't afford it, not that we don't like it, it's not a taboo. In fact, I bake cake, I am a caterer and I'm good at what I do. So, if I'd wanted a wedding cake, I would have done that without sweat!
But, it not necessary. Yes, you heard me well, it's not worth it.
How will I spend #60,000 on a cake that would eventually be shared among extended family members. Do they really care?
How much dem carry give me for the wedding paapa? Abeg, make cake park well Biko!
The reception was more of a Book Launch than a wedding reception though. And people ate to their satisfaction, name the Nigerian cuisine, it was top notch!
Let's do this again tomorrow Diary,
I love you.

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