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Now, This May Keep The Right Lover From Showing Up

And it so happened, some thousands of years ago, that God sent His servant - prophet Samuel - to the house of Jesse to enter into a relationship where he was to anoint a man as the king of Israel.
And I think you are in that situation too or will soon be... where you would be moving about, with a horn of oil, seeking who to anoint as your bae or boo... #Glory
The word 'anoint' makes 'finding bae or boo' sound spiritual right?
Guess what? Marriage is totally spiritual, and that's why you don't joke with the process of finding that one who you would tangle with forever!
I know too many married people who are enduring their marriages, and wondering, "What the heck did I get myself into!"
They are there because they weren't spiritual when they were seeking whom to anoint. Selah
Back to our story.
So prophet Samuel set off to find that right one, out of the house of Jesse, with the words of YHWH reverberating in his heart,
"I WILL SHOW THEE what thou shalt do: and thou shalt anoint unto me him WHOM I NAME UNTO THEE." 1 Samuel 16:3
Let's take note of those words in upper case, for it tells us that God's plan was to SHOW Samuel who to anoint; it was not for prophet Samuel to go groping about... doing trial and error.
My dear, God wants to lead you to your bae/boo. I'm an ardent believer of that truth.
I believe God doesn't want us groping as though in darkness, searching for the right lover. He wants to lead us to that person.
I don't believe He wants us to taste 50 wrong relationships before we find the right one!
Adam could have entered a relationship with the ape, find out later that they weren't compatible, and leave.
Then try out the snail, and then the parrot, and then the vulture, and then...
But no!
He was so one with God that he waited and recognized it when God brought Eve his way.
The same can be your testimony.
If you have been frantic, and entering relationships up and down, don't condemn yourself, but do take this wisdom:
It's time to take rest in God; for it is in the place of rest that we can accurately discern the will of God. See Isaiah 30:15
So God was willing to lead Samuel right to the one, but Samuel almost missed it, and so can you!
Samuel stepped into the house of Jesse, observed his seven available sons, and being carried away by the physical attributes of Eliab, he exclaimed, "Surely this is the Lord's anointed!"
[But Eliab was not the Lord's anointed!]
How did Samuel miss it?
Remember God wanted to SHOW him WHOM to anoint, but he missed it because he was probably carried away:
1. by a certain preconceived image in his heart, and
2. by the fact that the 7 sons before him were the AVAILABLE ones and a king must be anointed.
We will deal with the first today, and the second some time soon.
So Samuel almost anointed Eliab as king probably because of a preconceived image in his heart.
He had an idol in his heart - he was looking at the physical stature (outward apperance) of men - and it almost led him astray, but for God's mercy.
God's plan is to SHOW you who to 'anoint' as your spouse, but you may miss that plan, except God's mercy speaks for you, if you have set some idols in your heart.
An idol is an image that you have set up in your heart whose aim is to turn you from the will of God.
I can't marry a man who is bald!
If she's not fair, then she's not mine!
If he can't comfortably sponsor our wedding and honeymoon, then he simply can't be the one!
I can't marry a lady that is of the same height with me or taller. It is not done anywhere!
If the person doesn't have a car, then what am I doing with such? Did I come into this world to suffer?
These are some examples of idols, and they can block your spouse!
It is okay to have desires, and believe God for the best things, but never be so fixated to a point you miss out on what God is trying to do.
What saved prophet Samuel (from anointing the wrong person as king) that fateful day was that, though he had an idol in his heart, he was still sensitive and willing to obey [yield to] the Voice of God.
But that idol in his heart cost him something: time and stress.
Those idols on your heart may have been costing you time and stress.
But today is the day to be like prophet Samuel: pull down dem idols!
Immediately prophet Samuel pulled down the idol in his heart, he was ready to anoint ANYONE, as long as God was pointing in that direction.
My friend, pull down those idols and you may find out that they have been veiling your eyes from seeing your bae or boo!
God is LEADING me to my bae/boo!
Help me Lord to pull down every idol in my heart that have been hindering your will from gaining expression in my life.
God wants to SHOW you your bae/boo, but the idol in your heart can lead you astray
Think about some idols you may have set up in your heart. Then obliterate them!
1 Samuel 16

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