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Episode 6 - Power Of A Praying Wife

I wish I could tell you that I have been consistent with praying for my husband since we got engaged.
But yes, I do pray for him every now and then.
Praying for your husband is about your greatest gift of love you can give him.
Prayer does a lot in that it keeps the devil and its activities at bay and make the the blessings of God flow unhindered.
So many things happen in the spirit realm that we are not even aware of. Prayer especially when we pray in tongues handles a lot of issues.
More so that your husband is called into the Ministry. There are so many opposing forces that needed to be taken care of in the place of prayer.
I think a more consistent way to pray will be ideal.
I and the women in church just started using Stormie Omartian 's book "Power of a Praying wife". It helps being consistent.
There are many challenges we face as a minister's wife that only prayer can solve them.
Even when you know your husband is harsh, hard and unpleasant, you still have to pray for him.
For the sake of the work, because he is going through intense pressure and making decisions could be difficult. For this reason you must keep on praying for him.
Thank God during our courtship days we did a lot of praying. I could say in our marriage we still ate the fruits of those prayers.
During those early days when things should have been tough, we had a smooth sailing because of those prayers we prayed. We must have had a prayer base enough to last us for those early times of marriage.
If you have not been praying for your husband i think you should have a rethink and start praying for him.
The prayer of a wife is so powerful. God will often use the prayer of the wife and bless the husband.

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This Piece Is Authored By

Pastor Sophia Okunowo

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