Skincare tips,for teenager

Adolescence is that wonderful time when you can start laying the foundations for your future. Constant self-development, attentive attitude to learning, the realization of creative skills and the formation of healthy relationships with peers will necessarily bear benefit in the future. At the age of middle and high school classes the majority of young ladies have a desire to experiment with their look, and to try something new. This is a very good time to learn competent skin care and to try a make-up.

The cosmetologist is an important person in the life of any woman. Undoubtedly, the answer to many questions can be given only by a specialist, therefore, even at the tenderest age one should think about visiting a cosmetologist who will accurately determine the type of skin and help pick up the aids. .

Basic three-stage skin care system — is cleansing, toning and moisturizing.(CTM)

1. To remove the makeup, micellar water can be used or a special gel that combines the properties of products for make-up remove and washing, effectively cleaning the skin from cosmetics, sebum and contaminants.

2. Then, you will need a tonic or lotion that rinses off the tap water used during washing; is is well saturates the epidermis with moisture and prepares it for cream application.

3. Cream application: moisturizing cream, rich in vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients of natural origin, will give the skin silky softness and healthy radiance.

Periodically, the skin can be gently peeled with a home made to get smooth complexion, and velvety skin.

Depending on your feelings and needs, you can change the care system, including new steps, but do not forget that the above three steps are the basics of skin beauty. Pay close attention to the composition of cosmetic products.
Comedogenic components, for example castor or coconut oil, which can provoke clogging of pores and the appearance of rashes; harmful artificial additives - must be careful.

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