SO,2018 is ending.

SO, 2018 is ending.


Compliments of the season guys,

This is gonna be a really short one (I hope) so I'll be heading straight to the heart of the matter.


The year is gradually ending and the new year is fast approaching. At this point, we all are tempted to have the feeling of being UNGRATEFUL.

It's possible that we have a lot of things we planned on working on this year that didn't turn out well. It's also possible to see goals that were not achieved or other things that didn't turn out as expected.

None of these should take away our grateful heart for the year.

Looking back, we all have things to be grateful for. Yes, there are one or two of them! The only issue is that the we focus on what we don't have, forgetting what we have.


So, as the new year is approaching and irrespective of where we are, let's fill our hearts with gratitude of the year 2018 and expectation of a greater new year.

Happy holidays.

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