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The Issue Of Respect As A Single

For men, I cant explain it but respect and honor seems to be a big deal. This is so because God created men as head. Their headship position causes them to occupy a very vital place.
By calling and God's design, that role requires to be respected and honored. It doesn't have anything to do with them, its just about God's design and His order which simply must be respected.
When it comes to living our lives by Gods standard, we obey his principles, we don't argue or put forward our opinion. Our opinion does not really matter or changes God's order.
I believe respect is a willingness to give reverence to someone else out of great admiration. In Gods order, He expects every lady to greatly respect their husbands.
As a single lady, that respect must begin from courtship. Ladies who refused to respect their fiance while courting will find it extremely difficult to respect and submit to their husband when married.
Now, respect and submission is not by force and that is why the Bible says to respect and submit to your own husband. So if a guy does not have what you can respect, honor and admire to a point of absolutely submitting to his authority DON'T marry him.
I think it is fair enough. If you cant respect him, don't marry him. It will be an offense to marry him and not respect him.
Don't let your fiance beg to be respected. Once you have decided to marry him, know that you just signed to respect him no matter what.
Its a legal contract and covenant that is binding. If you default you are liable, you are an offender.
As a lady, just know that your life as a lady includes respect for your husband. Let's look into the analogy of the human body.
All attention is placed on the head because that is where the seat of decision, thinking, sight, speech, smell, hearing and eating is. All vital action takes place in and on the head. Beauty and radiance, intellect and reasoning are all found on the head.
Yes, the body is very important too. But by design, the head gets the full attention and responsibility rises and falls on the head. The lady or wife is equally important.
Let's say she is the heart. We know there is no life apart from the heart. The head honors the heart because of its life giving ability. But the heart is kept hidden, secured and protected because of its make up and vulnerability.
That is God's design. And it makes a whole lot of sense, both logical and spiritual sense. If we choose to get understanding of this, it will profit you and you will have no struggle following God's order.
Respect is:
a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
admire (someone or something) deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
To help you learn respect go through the definition and synonyms of respect and note where you are lacking.
Synonyms: esteem, admire, think highly of, have a high opinion of, hold in high regard, hold in (high) esteem, think much of, approve of, appreciate, cherish, value, set (great) store by, prize, treasure, look up to, pay homage to, venerate, revere, reverence, adulate,worship, idolize, put on a pedestal, lionize, hero-worship, honour, applaud, praise,favour
Eph 5:22 -24
'Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.
Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so [let] the wives [be] to their own husbands in every thing.
Col 3:18
Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord.
I will stop here today and continue tomorrow
Be blessed!

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Jas 4:7 (KJV)  
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