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The Story of Toyosi and Bode In Wounds, Broken Hearts and Healing

Toyosi could not keep the tears from freely running down her pretty face. Her heart seems to be scattered in a thousand different pieces.
She had too many questions, too many thoughts ran through her head. Is she being foolish? Has she been too naive? Is it a crime to trust? Is love really real?
Is there anything like genuine love? How do you measure love in its purest form? Who is problematic?
Is it her or Bode? Where did she miss it? Where there things she could have done better? So what are those things?
How come the so much needed answers did not come to her when it would have been useful to save her one-year old relationship?
"But I searched the internet for answers," she thought aloud.
"Maybe I didn't search well enough." But does it mean, Bode and I are no more?
Memories filled her heart with more aches and pain. She tried to imagine where Bode is right now. The thought of another lady occupying the space she once proudly filled, caused the tears to flow even more.
"But Bode was everything to me," she exclaimed.
God, but why? God, why couldn't you just save me from this pain? It is too much for me to bear.
A strange thought and desire to end it all briefly crossed her mind. No, she snapped out.
Toyosi is an only child born out of wedlock. She has seen her mum struggle to take care of her. Her joy knew no bounds when she entered the University. She promised her mum that in a few years she will be out of school, get a good job so she can take care of her precious mum.
Toyosi is a very pretty girl and so guys frolicked around her singing her praise.
Bode was particularly handsome, well groomed, cultured and soft spoken. A 400level medical student from a rich home. Toyosi's heart melted almost instantly for Bode.
With little or no considerations, they fell in love and their relationship started.
It was as though God brought Bode into Toyosi's life to comfort her. Two weeks into their relationship, Toyosi lost her mum into the cruel hands of death. Her pain knew no bounds. She felt like dying.
How can she die? And just like that! No hugs. No good byes. What about all the promises they shared of her taking care of her? Nursing her grandchildren and many more?
She soon let all her pains go, because Bode was just the best thing that happened to her. Bode was her all. Her everything literally. She had no siblings. Eventually she decided to move in with Bode. Why not? They will be married anyway.
Bode was very loving and romantic but he kind of kept their relationship from his parents saying, "I will tell them when it's the right time." Toyosi, in her wildest imagination could never have thought Bode was all fake.
The day Toyosi discovered Bode had been double dating and cheating on her was her worst night mare.
"I have been a fool."
She cried even more. But how could she has ever thought Bode was capable of such? With all the love, attention, gifts, money?
Bode had a fiancee who has gone for NYSC. She is also from a rich family. Both families are already involved and plans are already on going for both of them to go abroad after she is through with her NYSC.
Toyosi felt like an idiot.
"I have been used," she cried out. It pained her more to know all she thought she had was all false.
"Can my heart ever be healed? Can I ever be able to love and trust any man on the earth?"
Your story may be like Toyosi, don't despair.
Healing from hurts and pain is available only in God.
Time does not heal our broken heart, God does.
God understands our pains especially when it is so deep where no man can touch, understand or comfort.
Accept God's love today.
Understands that He loves you. Embrace that love!
He does not judge or condemn you.
His arms are open wide to embrace you.
That is why Jesus died on the cross with His arms opened.
Those arms are opened waiting for you.
Embrace Him and don't shrink back
Pastor Dunamis:
I pray for all going through hurts and wounds from disappointments and failed relationships, i speak healing into your heart now, and I pray for the best of God to become a reality for you in Jesus name! So shall it be!

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I am healed


Lord, heal me of every hurts and wounds   


Gen 31:7
Still, your father has cheated me over and over, changing my wages time and again. But God never let him really hurt me


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Luke 11

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This Piece Is Authored By

Pastor Sophia Okunowo

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