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Time Is Not On My Side, I Need To Marry Now

As singles, we are all looking around with our horns of oil looking for who to anoint!
You remember the story, found in 1 Samuel 16, that we started some days back?
About prophet Samuel being sent by God to anoint a king from the house of Jesse; and how we, in the same vein, are also moving around with horns of oil looking for who to 'anoint' as our bae or boo.
[ If you have not read the article, go HERE ]
We saw how prophet Samuel nearly anointed the wrong man!
And we said he nearly missed it because he was probably carried away:
1. by a certain preconceived image in his heart, and
2. by the fact that the seven sons before him were the AVAILABLE ones and a king must be anointed.
We've dealt with point 1 in the last article; we'll deal with point 2 today.
So Samuel stepped into the house of Jesse, and was presented with seven sons of Jesse, or rather the seven AVAILABLE sons of Jesse.
Samuel may have thought,
"This is the house of Jesse. These are his sons right before me. God is not pointing at any of them. But a king must be anointed from this house NOW, and IT MUST BE ONE OF THEM."
And so he put his natural senses to work.
He looked at the seven sons, did some Mathematics, and found, in the flesh, the best candidate!
So being carried away by the physical attributes of Eliab, Samuel exclaimed, "Surely this is the Lord's anointed!"
But Eliab was not!
Some have missed the right lover because they thought their bae/boo must be among 'the available' at that point in time.
You may have an array of seven AVAILABLE gentlemen or ladies right before you, but God is not approving of any.
Then you become hasty!
And tell yourself, "These guys go to church. They look nice. My husband/wife must be among them. God is not approving of any, but there's no time! I must marry this year. Now that men are coming, I must not waste this opportunity. Wisdom is profitable to direct!"
Then you do some mathematics, and pick the 'best' one, in the flesh.
No ma! No sir! Don't do that!
That he is AVAILABLE now doesn't mean that he is the BOO!
Quick question:
Your current relationship, did God approve of it?
[Sometimes we know deep down that God is not in the relationship, but because he/she is the AVAILABLE one, we anoint him or her anyways!]
So the seven AVAILABLE sons of Jesse passed before Samuel.
Of course it took TIME for seven men to 'pass' before Samuel, but Samuel knew better than to anoint the next available man, simply because TIME was going, when the Lord did not approve of him.
Some ladies end up with the wrong guys simply because they were hasty.
They thought time wasn't on their side any longer, and so went home with the next guy that looked their direction! And that home became their hell!
Some guys end up with the wrong ladies simply because they became impatient... they needed someone to go on Jeru trip with, who will cook for them too (as though that's the primary reason for marriage!), and so they go home with the next available pretty lady! And that home became their doom!
Don't be too hasty to choose from the AVAILABLE men/ladies when God is not leading you.
Your David may still be in the fields!
Be patient enough to wait for him to come home!
Don't allow yourself to be put into pressure by such words as:
"Now that men are coming for you, you better pick one. They will soon stop coming."
"You are not getting younger! Choose one now!"
Scream a NO! to those voices.
Declare to yourself that you will only end up with the one that God approves. That you will WAIT for the right one.
Some available ones may have the right appearance, but don't just judge by yourself; know and trust God enough to hear and follow His Voice.
Eliab, who was the first to pass before prophet Samuel, had the appearance of a king, but God still did not approve of Him.
He didn't have the heart of a king!
God wants the best for you, and therefore prepares those with the heart of a king for you.
Trust God enough to follow Him... to WAIT for His choice.
Samuel learnt his lesson after the Eliab saga.
He learnt not to be hasty!
He learnt to wait patiently for the Lord!
And so he waited for David to come from the fields!
And after the wait was over, David emerged and see how the Scripture describes him:
"... Now HE WAS RUDDY, AND WITHAL OF A BEAUTIFUL COUNTENANCE, AND GOODLY TO LOOK TO. And the Lord said, Arise, anoint him: for this is he."
1 Samuel 16:12 KJV
Oh my! Did you see that?
The Lord's choice will always be the best - the compete package (beautiful inside and outside!)
Therefore wait my dear.
Don't settle for less.
Remember that God makes all things beautiful in His time. Eccl. 3:11
When your bae or boo emerges, he/she will have a beautiful heart and a beautiful countenance.
Give me an 'Amen' somebody!
Glory to God!
I will not be hasty; I will wait for my right lover!
Lord, help me to see as You see; and give me the grace to wait for Your choice.
It is better to marry right late than to marry wrong early.
Download the book titled 'When God writes your love story' (by Eric and Leslie Ludy) and start reading.
1 Samuel 16, Jeremiah 29:11

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