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What Else Can I Do To Have Marital Fulfillment?  

Here is Sandra, lost in thoughts over the Pastors sermon today.
He preached from John 14:15 (NIV)
"If you love me, you will obey what I command.
She loves God, definitely.
She is so passionate about kingdom work.
She has a burning desire for the things of God.
She once won the best worker in the church for two consecutive years.
To the best of her knowledge, she is obedient to biblical instructions.
However, as she was lying on her bed, she began having a feeling that God is partial.
Her top prayer request last year was to settle down before her 32nd birthday coming up in few weeks time.
Despite all her obedience to God's command, she is not even engaged.
She had said YES to few guys, only to discover they just were not it.
One was even quoting scriptures on why they can be having fun, pending the time the wedding bells will ring.
She just couldn’t understand why God won’t show her the intent of men’s heart, ever before they approach her.
What else can she do?
She remembers her Pastor saying something like “God has the best for us but it is only through love that we can fully access it all.”
God’s love is so profound, that is why he gave us his Son.
What Sandra needs to realize is that her love for God ought to translate into her walk with God.
Her walk with God is paramount to entering into God's fullness for her life in 2019.
The mistake Sandra and invariably, most of us make is that we fail to realize the difference between working for God and walking with God.
We mistake church work for intimacy.
You can be the HOD of 4 units in church and not walk with God.
Do you study your bible only when called up to preach?
Do you have a regular and consistent prayer altar?
Can you boldly say the Holy Spirit is your friend?
You cannot claim to love someone whom you hardly have time for.
Do you know what makes God tingle?
What is His utmost desire?
What are His plans?
What makes Him delighted?
What are the things He is not happy about?
The answer to these questions and many more can only be revealed to you when you walk with God.
The deeper our walk with God, the deeper the realms we operate in.
Enoch waked with God and he was no more…
You too can walk with God and you will no more be single.
You can walk with God and you will no more be confused.
You can walk with God and you will no more be depressed.
You can walk with God and you will no more be used, abused and dumped.
This New Year, one of the things you should ultimately desire is the ever abiding presence of God.
Exodus 33:15 (NLT)
Then Moses said, “If you don’t personally go with us, don’t make us leave this place.
Can you imagine God personally going with you and she will say NO?
Polish your walk with God in 2019 and you will see the desire of your heart.
May your relationship be blessed.
I am a love being. God is love so I walk in love.
Lord, help me to make you my priority in this New Year.
All your desires and aspirations are achievable and possible but are you willing to walk in love?
Make it a point of duty to not do anything without getting a go ahead from God no matter the 'seemingly good' pressures around you.
1st John 4:7-21

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This Piece Is Authored By

Jesupelumi Olley

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