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What Signs Will God Use To Lead Me?

Sometime ago while surfing the net I came across a funny picture, it was about a sister asking the Lord to give her a sign if a Brother Nonso was the right brother.
Many of us have heard probably about the increasing divorce rates and some funny fights and quarrels that happens in marriages.
How gentle husbands become wife beaters and other issues and we’re really like “God, please help me oh, I cannot afford to marry wrong. I don’t want to shi-marry”.
But where we mostly get it wrong is that we don’t treat other aspects of our lives like this. When it comes to marriage, we are so eager to be led by God, but we see other issues as minute and that we can lead ourselves.
See my brother and sister; Don’t wait till you need a life partner to be asking God for signs to know how God leads us as individuals.
Let God lead you in every area of your life. Start getting used to His voice now. The way God speaks to Brother Zerubabbel is not the way He will speak to you; it is not everybody that will see the sister or brother in the dream.
I’m sure we’ve all read about Pastor Dunamis’ story, how God gave Him a lot of dreams about his wife. God may and may not lead you that way
In fact there are three voices that want to lead you: They are God, the devil and self.
That is why it is very important to distinguish between these voices, don’t wait till marriage before you want to learn how to discern which is which among these voices.
How can you know and discern that what you’re hearing is God and not yourself or the devil?
1. Get Born Again and filled with the Holy Ghost:
When man fell, man lost fellowship with God. Well in our modern age, see it as God sending you a friend request and you accepting it. When you do this you have the Spirit of God inside of you ready and always willing to lead you.
2. Study God’s Word and Pray:
I believe that God’s love language is quality time. It is by fellowshipping consistently and spending quality time with a person that you can discern his/her voice.
If you have a close friend that you spend time consistently together you know what his/her voice sounds like. Perhaps this your close friend calls you from a number not saved in your phone, but on hearing the voice, even without any introduction you are so sure who it is.
When we are full of the word we can be sure that God is leading us because He will not lead us outside His word. He will never lead to marry an unbeliever with the pretext of converting him/her to Christianity after marriage.
Please note that there is a difference between spending time and spending quality time, I rest my case there
3. Know How God leads you:
As I have said earlier, God will not lead everyone through dreams. There is a story I’ve heard about a man that had visions and dreams of His wife ever before he met her physically, and the day he met her, she was wearing exactly what he saw in his vision. Yours may not be like that.
Find out how God leads you as a person. Let Him lead you however he wants to.
Primarily, God will lead everyone through an inner witness. The still small voice of God’s spirit dwelling in us.
4. Obey:
God is much wiser than we are, He is eternal, He sees what will happen tomorrow. When he leads us, He knows what He is doing even if we don’t understand.
I Pray God will help us in Jesus’ name.
I am led of God in every area of my life, I will not make wrong choices. I obey and follow His leading.
Father, if there is any area of my life I have not surrendered to your leading, I receive grace to do so now.
He gives me new strength. He guides me in the right paths, as he has promised. (Psalm 23:3, GNB)
John 14-17

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This Piece Is Authored By

Oluwaseun John Oluwawalemi

I'm a believer, what I do best is believing. I'm a vessel of God's Grace to my generation.

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