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What To Do When You Are Not Interested

I got this topic from my dear daughter who came visiting me in my office. I was already running out of time to write the devotional, so I simply asked her. She's a young, smart, pretty lady I am proud of at just eighteen years. So I will go ahead and talk about how you can let a lady or guy know you are not interested.
Most people don't know how to say 'No', mean it and not feel bad about it. 'No' is not necessarily a 'nail' as we term it especially in this part of the world. 'No' is not so much of rejection as it is simply an answer, not being in agreement to go through the journey of life with someone.
Ladies especially must be confident enough to say 'No' to a relationship proposal without feeling obliged to give a 'Yes' without conviction. A guy asking a lady out is a proposition. Which you can either answer in the affirmative or in the negative based on careful consideration.
It takes a good self esteem and sincerity to let a guy know you are not interested. It is not just the ladies that have to know how to handle 'I am not interested'. These days even guys must learn how to tell a lady you are not interested. I have heard of ladies who get obsessed with guys and will do whatever it takes to sleep with them or be in a relationship with them.
You have to be resilient, know what you want and stand for what you believe every time. No matter the enticement, stand for what you believe. Let no lady or guy put you under pressure and think they are doing you a favor by asking you out. Whether he is rich, well connected or not.
Here are a few practical ways to handle "I am not interested."
1. Know what you want
Often time, people who don't know exactly what they want end up being confused. You are trusting God to lead you, but I believe you should have been talking to God about relationship before the guy or lady shows up.
So to a great extent you already have something like a standard, a check list. If the guy doesn't meet those criteria, don't even give him a welcome hand at all. There are some who will meet your criteria but not fully, you can talk to God about them. If you are a lady, you should have an idea of the type of man God is sending you to be an helper to. If you are a guy, you should know who will fit in as your helper. This will reduce confusion.
2. Don't be apologetic
You don't have to be apologetic about your desires, taste or standards. Let your confidence be in the fact that, God has someone for you that is God's best. And no matter what, that special person is worth waiting for. So when you don't feel this person is 'it', don't be apologetic. Be bold about it.
3. Be firm yet nice
You need to learn to say 'NO,' stand be it, be firm and yet say it nicely. There is no need crushing another man's ego because he asked you out. No matter the pressure, let your 'No' be 'No'. Some ladies with little conviction, will later begin to betray their words by their actions. And that can even lead to more confusion.

To be continued.

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I am led by the Spirit of God and I know what to do 

Devil, take your hands off my life in Jesus name


Rom 14:16 (KJV)  Let not then your good be evil spoken of


Write down your desires  


Job 24 - 28

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This Piece Is Authored By

Pastor Sophia Okunowo

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