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DATE: SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17TH,2017. VENUE: SHOUTS OF GRACE CENTER. PREACHER: REV'D ALBERT ODUWOLE. Stay very close to connections God sends to you. Prov. 30:24-28, Job 14 :7-9. YET explains that there is a change in equation. Isa. 29 :17. It's a matter of time. Types of YET. 1. YET of receiving: If God is blessing your neighbour, don't be worried, it means God is in your neighbourhood. After you have done the will of God, be patient. 2 Tim.2:13; sometimes,it's not your faith, it's God's grace. 2. YET of reaping: Prov. 11:24, Prov. 13:7, Jn. 4:35. Don't be discouraged when you sow, you would reap bountifully. 3. YET of becoming: Every season has a reason. Deut. 30:5, Eze.21:26-27, Psa. 126:6. 4. YET of rejoicing: You are remembered because of God's grace. Become who God wants you to be.Heb. 3:17. You don't need it to work for you to rejoice, rejoice for it to work for you. REJOICE means response to joy. The Devil tries to attack your joy because if he can steal your joy, he takes your connection to your salvation. Heb.8:9. Happiness depends on happenings, while joy is from your Spirit. When the devil wants to steal from you, he attacks your joy. 1 Pet. 1:8; REJOICE because you believe. Respond to the joy inside of you. Don't ever doubt the power of joy. Don't scream about the glory if you don't know the story. What then are you waiting for? Start REJOICING!

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Sylvester Obinna

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