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About the Book

This e-book also contains my personal story on how I struggled with masturbation and eventually overcame as a single!
By Pastors Dunamis & Sophia Okunowo

The sky remained bluish. The serenity and tranquility were palpable. It reminded one of the possibilities of a world devoid of vices and evil.

A world bereft of whims and caprices of  the hordes of hell, full of peace and order, exclusive of the anarchy   that generally characterizes this abode of man.

Despite the external peace, Bode's soul was beaten down by a great storm of anguish. The peaceful atmosphere was a complete contradiction to the waging, raging storm in his soul. He held a small paper (neatly cut out of some magazine) in his hand that has the torso of a white girl with some nudity.

Sweet heat gradually spread through the core of his being. Accompanying the heat was the well timed accelerated beats of his heart because he knew he was about to do something not quite right.

In the eBook, You will learn:

The Story of  Bode

Dunamis speaks to Bode

Sophia speaks to Bode

My Story: How I Overcame Masturbation

How To Move From “I Did It Again” To “I Overcame”
Overcoming Temptations

Prayer to Overcome

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