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  • Ijeoma Ahamefule
    June 13, 2015 ·
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      • Ijeoma Ahamefule
        Nnadi Vivian Translate I. Refuse to live with given spirit anymore....amen
      • Ijeoma Ahamefule
        Nnadi Vivian Translate I refuse to live wit unforgiving spirit anymore amen
      • Ijeoma Ahamefule
        Ijeoma Ahamefule Translate Thanks for dis, Pastor..i went for an interview yday and as i was getting home, i got a regret mail from them. All my hopes was on dis.can't begin to say every thing here,,still depressed frm it, then my boyfriend whom i introduced to to KHC some months back, begged me thru chat to read 2day's devotional. Still need prayers cos i don't think i can go on yet (dis isn't d 1st time i've had dis kind of disappointment) but thanks all d same for d right timing, Pastor. please pray for me.
      • Ijeoma Ahamefule
        OYENIRAN SAMUEL Translate Thank You Sir God bless You
      • Ijeoma Ahamefule
        OYENIRAN SAMUEL Translate @ IJEOMA,sorry for that but i want you to know that there is reason for everything,and every disappointment is a blessing,God will surprise you with a better offer,i leave you with one of my favorite bible verse Romans 8:28.
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