Dacapo Remember Lyrics Video

Posted March 17, 2017
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Call him one of Nigeria’s foremost hip-hop artist and you won’t be wrong. In the mid to late 90s, it was he, along with Mode 9, Terry da Rap Man and others that laid the foundation for future and current artists putting Abuja on the map. Till today DaCapo remains a very devoted Christian, who continues to redefine what audiences expect from the gospel rap and Christian music genre, because while his lyrics are free from profanity, and often focus on his faith, they are by no means sanitized or watered down. Being a man of great depth and insight, DaCapo as a rapper, is gifted in the ability to make “deep things” plain and relatable. “Remember” is a spanking brand new single that’s sure to be a favorite. “This song is a prophetic declaration that’s collective in reasoning; it’s not personal in any way”. twitter @ReachDaCapo