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As my last relationship ended, I sat down to evaluate my relationships so far and it dawned on me that I'm mostly to blame for the delay I'm experiencing getting married. I say this and I'm sure the ladies in the house can relate. Every time I meet a man who wants a relationship, God does something wonderful. He tells me within the first week that the guy was the wrong one. I'll tell you how He does it. The most common is by the words spoken by the guys. Let me sight some examples. You know what you want in marriage right? Companionship, friendship, care, love etc and you want someone who you can actually worship God together with. First instance is you meet a guy and you get talking and he goes "I have to marry a woman who is good in bed o, I mean if a woman is not good in bed what else is she good for? ". Does this not tell you what you are in for or do you need to pray about such a person or when you refuse such and he starts cheating should you be surprised? 2.You are in a restaurant and he orders food asking that his own should come with 5 pieces of meat while yours should be 2 and he explains his action saying you know na, when we get married I'll be eating more meat than you. Hmmm. 3.knowing fully well that you are an igbo lady with flat chest, he can't stop telling you of his fantasy of getting married to a yoruba lady cos of their big books, my sister what will be your prayer point here? 4. You thought wow!, we communicate so well and he throws you the bomb "you know i answer your questions because we are not married, if we were married I won't be answering them" the list is endless but I'll stop here. You can call them careless statements but I call them revelations. Ladies please listen and stop being selective of what you hear, hearing only what you want to hear. Another way God has shown me relationships that were waste of time was through dreams, I can't count how many times this has happened. Now my mistake was I didn't have a spiritual director and I knew but I was going to do the trial and error thing. The bad thing though is i never felt loved no matter what because deep down inside, i knew it wasn't meant to be. The reason I held on was that I just didn't want the name single, so I ignored God or tried to reason with Him. Guess what, we are not smart no matter our educational qualifications, but we sometimes think we are more intelligent than God. May God help us to be in obedience to His instructions at all times.

Listen to His Revelations in Relationships

  • Posted by Rosemary Amata
  • March 8, 2016 9:37 AM CET