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How do I tell my mum?

  • October 3, 2016 7:50 AM CEST
    My uncle married a particular woman who had given him so much marital troubles which made my mum vow that none of her children would ever ever marry from the place. Shortly after my graduation I met this amazing young man who asked me out and few weeks into our relationship I discovered he was from the exact place my uncle's wife came from, but he's not to be compared with her in anyway. He has proposed to me but I don't know how to tell my mum about this. Please what is your advise?
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    October 3, 2016 2:49 PM CEST
    What is God saying to you about the guy? This question will underscore and vet the 'amazement' in this guy cos I realised that we present our partners based on how (wonderfully) they make us feel while God may be seeing and saying something else and number of times, He warns/signals via the parents who in their position cum experiences could see beyond "the boy is good". Permit me to share this experience. My mother from onset didn't like this guy my sister wanted to marry with just no logical reason not even from the spiritual side - from the head of the family to the least we are all believers. And being the only girl we have we wanted to be very careful not leading her astray. After prayers and seeing nothing, all of us, we thought màmá's feeling was jst a tribal prejudice as the guy isn't frm our tribe. This guy was nothing but 'nice' except that he had no desired job but then, he wasn't idle. No genuine conviction(s) but they love each other cos this guy was 'nice'.
    They got married, and only three months into it, this 'nice' guy and his mother showed their identities, since the lady didn't go into the marriage in her own will, it became families and church(s)'s matter.
    Story shortened, barely three, she was salvaged out of the marriage (her life) bringing back nothing....
    I wasn't interested in any relationship (due to the past experiences) when I got engaged to my lady as the hand of God was obviously apparent - individual conviction and other people involved.
    As at the time I've promised her to take her home drew nearer, I knew a war was looming, why? She's from the same tribe of that guy!
    But I told God since He's the One leading, He must sort things out.
    On the d-day, my father of course as a blunt person expressed his mind but later accepted her, my brother n my sister herself love her, she n my mother are best pals!
    Here I realised that though each tribe/race has her peculiarities, individual personality determines it most and this (individual personality), cannot be seen just easily, only with the help of God.
    Dear sister, go back to God! If He gives you go-ahead, He's got your back....
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    October 3, 2016 2:53 PM CEST
    *story shortened, barely three years, she was salvaged...
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    October 4, 2016 12:59 PM CEST
    Thanks bro Omotayo for that story. Youve said it all.
    Its not about tribe, its about the person.
    Most importantly, it is about what God says. Dont make this choice based on feelings, If God doesnt say YES, pls dont go ahead. Your convictions must be strong.
    If God has spoken, fear not, He will sort it all out for you. Pray, Go ahead and tell your family.