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Poju Oyemade - A lesson I learnt early in my Christian walk

  • June 26, 2017 9:20 AM CEST

    Pride, a sense of superiority goes before a fall.

    I remember one day in school listening to a cassette tape on my headphones. It was rather loud so folks around could kind of hear the voice of the preacher. I had a spiritual leader back then by the name of Dr Peter Ilori.

    He asked who I was listening to, he then took off the headphones and wore them. He told me to stop listening to the preacher who was really popular then and on the global stage, he said he had developed a type of attitude that could contaminate me and that events will soon unfold. He actually seized the tape.

    Truly, a few weeks later, this said preacher experienced a massive collapse in his ministry. I later on read something Dr Oral Roberts had said publicly a few months before it happened that was recorded in a magazine.

    He called the man's name and said to him, "Dear ....... satan seems to have put something in your heart that makes you feel you are better than and superior to the rest of the ministers in this nation". He further said "it's like a dark spot in your soul do something about it".

    When this said preacher was seeking his way back into ministry, it was the men he had criticized the most about their messages, men whom he had previously attacked in his messages that embraced and helped him. They were the ones that opened their platforms and wrapped him in the robe of acceptance. He broke out in tears saying "those I fought the most were the ones that actually walked in love towards me. My own "camp" deserted me".

    A word is good for the wise.